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June 10, 2009

Are you really a leadership team?

How much leadership and debate actually happens in the boardroom? In my experience of observing senior leadership teams (SLT’s) the answer I’m sad to say is very little.

When I’m asked to work with a leadership team, I will first passively observe the structure  and  flow of conversations between directors and in 8 out 10 cases the content of their conversations are more aligned to a series of individual monologues where directors update each other about performance targets, project milestones etc. These teams would be better described as a Senior Update Team (SUT). By default these teams are not openly debating the big issues facing the business, they are not having the difficult conversations that reveal the flaws,  misunderstandings, poor execution or missed opportunities that directors operating unilaterally can make. Instead it becomes the norm that unilateral decisions get made outside of the boardroom either on a purely individual basis or in small cliques. The consequences of an SUT identity is that the so called  leadership team is not joined up, the unilateral decision making creates frustration and reduced trust with other team members  as the implementation of those decisions have unforeseen and unexpected negative impacts on other business units. I think there is a clue in the title “leadership Team.” Is your leadership team actually leading the business as a team or is it a collection of  talented individuals who lead their own units but do not lead the organisation as a whole?  Comments?

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