Meet Alec Grimsley - your difficult conversations coach

In a world where there are so many workshops and seminars on influencing and effective communication, why is it that we still avoid the difficult conversations that could make the biggest difference to our organisation, teams and key relationships?

That’s a complex question, but one that Alec Grimsley was determined to find a solution for. Over the last eight years, through extensive research and practical experience in the field, he has cultivated an approach that will enable you to raise and discuss sensitive issues, whether that be in the boardroom, in managing difficult people or when giving bad news, such as redundancy or ending a personal relationship.

Alec comments: “It’s no wonder that people avoid difficult conversations. In most cases these interactions have high stakes attached, and many come with historical baggage and strong emotions. And you can’t guarantee being successful at them simply by learning new skills. Getting better results with these crucial conversations requires that you first make a significant shift in the way you think and prepare.”

Alec has run workshops and facilitated leadership teams within organisations including: SAP, Thomson Directories, Harrods, AstraZeneca, Nokia, British Airways, NatWest, HSBC, BT, Barclays, IBM, TK Maxx, Norwich Union, Scottish Re, Grant Thornton, E & Y, Deutsch Bank, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Clear Channel, Disney, Yellow Pages, Asics, Expedia, The White Company, Pearl Assurance and several NHS trusts.

His book Vital Conversations will be available in August. He also is a volunteer community mediator for Dorset Mediation, a trust that offers conflict resolution and mediation services for those who would not normally have the financial resources to access such expertise.

Alec is married with two sons and a black Labrador called Wilson. He and his family live on the coast near Poole, Dorset.