Difficult Conversations Services

“Enhancing your organisation, senior teams and key relationships
one vital conversation at a time”

Why Alec Grimsley?

Over a period of 8 years 32 different organisations including 20 in the FTSE250 have consistently used his services. In the entire 8 year period there has never been a need to place an advert, run a marketing campaign, make a cold call or chop down trees to make a fancy brochure. Every single enquiry bar none has come from personal recommendation. So why do people feel confident to pass on his name?

Total specialisation

If the clients requirement is not directly in his area of expertise he declines the opportunity or will recommend a more suitable partner.

Going beyond the client's brief

Understanding the client brief is not just a question of listening and asking some open questions. Even at this earlier stage challenging the client's perception of the issues, asking difficult questions and sharing leading edge theory combines to take the clients thinking beyond the initial symptomatic issues. With respectful yet challenging consultation the underlying systemic or deeper problems that are the real cause of pain in the organisation or key teams are revealed and therefore a more targeted, specific and lasting intervention can be applied.

Transparency & Integrity

Alec's approach to difficult conversations and facilitation is too counter culture for some organisations and sometimes he recommends that prospective client does not select his services.


Having experienced vital conversations workshops, 1 to 1 coaching or facilitated sessions your people immediately turn their learning into results