Leadership Team Facilitation and Development

“Better conversations, better decisions, better results”

How I can help:

Senior leadership and mission-critical project teams use my approach to facilitation and decision making for the following reasons:

A unique approach

When facilitating senior teams or high-stakes projects , good facilitation skills are simply not enough. Sometimes the group can get stuck or interpersonal conflicts may come to the surface or need to be addressed. There are also occasions when a group needs some theory or a model to highlight why they are struggling to make progress. I have developed my approach based on bringing together three elements:

How will you know if I’m right for your team?

I never facilitate a team unless they have first met with me and I gain their agreement to use my approach. Based on this principle, it’s the group members who get to decide if they want me and in what way they would like me to add value. Because I always aim to model my approach, the team will get to witness first hand the way I facilitate in the preliminary meeting, and therefore they can make a free and informed choice based on live evidence of my capability.