The Vital Conversations Workshop

“Making the impossible conversation possible”

Alec Grimsley, author of “Vital Conversations” will be your coach and mentor for this workshop. Alec has worked with over 30 major organisations helping their senior leaders and managers to tackle the biggest issues by developing their confidence and skill to address difficult yet vital conversations.

Have you experienced meetings where the real issues were blatantly obvious, but they weren’t discussed? Have you been part of a team where one person’s behaviour was clearly disruptive, yet the manager continued to turn a blind eye?

We build or destroy our teams, organisations and key relationships one vital conversation at a time, yet research shows that only 2 in 10 people have the confidence and skill to engage effectively in these difficult yet vital conversations. Being able to engage proactively in a challenging conversation is a defining quality of an exceptional leader.

Interestingly, although it would seem obvious that being able to handle difficult people, manage conflict, communicate bad news or challenge the direction of a “train wreck” project would be a required attribute of a leader, research indicates that less than 10% of leadership development programmes include difficult conversations training or coaching.

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