Workplace Mediation Services

“Making those impossible conversations possible”

What is it and how does it work?

Workplace mediation has emerged as one of the most successful and effective ways of resolving conflict and disputes and improving relationships between individuals and groups, in particular where there is a need to maintain ongoing working relationships.

It is a non-adversarial process in which a neutral, specially trained professional assists two or more parties to talk about their situation, exchange their concerns and generate ideas about how to move the conflict or relationship forward to reach a mutually agreeable understanding and resolution.

I will not pass any judgement or decide who is right or wrong, but rather I employ techniques and processes that facilitate constructive and productive dialogue. The parties remain in complete control of the outcome throughout the process and everything discussed is kept strictly confidential. This kind of mediation helps people feel confident and safe enough to communicate their issues, concerns and how they feel about conflicts or the other parties’ behaviour and furthermore to explore a variety of potential solutions.

What are the benefits and the success rate?

Mediation offers the potential to resolve a conflict or dispute before either a valuable employee leaves or a settlement or legal action becomes the only way forward. So two major advantages are that it’s a significantly less expensive route than legal proceedings or hiring a new high-value employee. It’s also quick, with most workplace mediations being resolved in one day. The process is 100% confidential and therefore parties are more willing to talk and consider new options for moving forward.

The industry success rate for workplace mediations is around 80%. My success rate is higher than the industry norm, but in reality you have to look at each dispute on a case-by-case basis.

How will I know if Alec is the right person for those involved in the dispute?

good match between the mediator and the two parties involved is crucial, so to that end Alec will always make an initial 30 minute phone call to each party where he briefly explains the ethos, outcomes and mediation process. There is no charge for this stage of the service. After the initial conversation, If both parties are comfortable with both the mediator and proceeding to the next stage of the mediation process only then would fees begin to be incurred.